15+ Best trading apps in India you must know

As the name suggests, this article is all about the list of “Best Trading apps in India”. This not only includes the apps which are made for mobile but desktop like big screens as well.

Before starting with the main content, I would recommend you to check the following lists.

Best trading apps in India

Dear Traders / Investors,

Technology has made our trading easier than ever. But still if you are not using the correct app (tool) in order to attract money then there is no use of developing such best trading apps. Right?

Hence, to help you better with the best trading apps in India, we have framed this article in such a way which helps you to understand the use of tools quickly.

All the Apps / tools are listed in categories by explaining its use along with the website or App Link as well.

Best app for Trading & Demat

This category shows the list of best apps with which you are going to place trades with real money. These are some recommended apps.

Upstox (RKSV Securities India Pvt. Ltd.)

About : Upstox App is a Stock Trading software created by the Stock Broker legally named as “RKSV Securities India Pvt. Ltd.” is a Leading App for Discounted Trading. There are more than a million customers currently acquired by the Company.

If you wish to start investing, then this will be very good because of the following points.

  • Timely support
  • Intuitive Software Interface
  • Superfast order placement
  • Reasonable Fees & Charges
  • Multiple Device login support
  • Trading Segments available
    • Equity (NSE & BSE)
    • Derivative / F&O (Index, Stock, Currency & Commodities)
    • Mutual Funds (Direct without Commission)

App – Android | iOS :: Click the below button to open your account.

Best apps for Algo-Trading

Algo Trading is also known as Auto-Trading or Robot Trading. The purpose of this is very simple and profitable. This tool uses some set of instructions with conditions. Whenever any security (share/stock/options/futures) fits into the criteria, this tool will send trading signals to your trading account.

This Algo Trading tool is connected with your trading account through API.

Some of the best trading apps in India for algo trading are as below.


About : TradeTron is AI based Auto-Trading / Robot Trading software. It does not require installation on any device. You just need a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) to run this software.

There are many benefits of this tool in your trading. Those benefits are listed below.

  • Automatic order placing for trade
  • Meets Investors and Strategy developers for everyone’s benefit
  • Well back-tested and front-tested strategists at fingertips
  • Traders get higher returns without need to dig deeper into the Market Study or Analysis
  • Strategists earn commission when more and more investors join his strategy.
  • TradeTron educates strategists to develop and deploy their strategies also.
  • You can earn extra money by selling their strategy for profits without revealing their strategy’s logic.
  • Strategy can be developed without coding.
  • Connecting a Trading Account with TradeTron is very easy.

You can FREE sign up TradeTron Account by clicking the button below.

As of now, all trading accounts do not provide API service support for TradeTron. But, no worries, the following broker(s) give the best trading apps in India which support TradeTron. You can check its complete benefits and open an account by clicking below.

These are some of the best trading apps in India you can consider.

Best apps for Learning & Analysis

Due to a lack of knowledge, many traders, especially beginners, do Blind Trading. Blind Trading is like riding a bike with an eye mask.

That means, just placing the buy/sell orders by the saying of a friend, TV channels. Their trading is complete without direction and not having any goal.

If you want to really be profitable, you need to know the following things.

  1. Core trading concepts
  2. The economic situation of the Country
  3. Forecasting future demand
  4. Company’s Financials (Fundamental Analysis)
  5. Price Analysis (Known as, Technical Analysis & Price Action)
  6. Our risk appetite

As this article is all about the best trading apps in India, soon we will publish the article on “how to learn stock market investing”, especially for beginners. So stay tuned with Arable Life.

The analysis is the core step before investing. So, users must find correct analysis methods using the right tools.

In order to analyze, you need such tools which provide NEWS related to Companies & Economic Conditions, and other tools such as Charting and Screening for Technical and Fundamental Analysis of Companies as well as Industry. Post-investing you need tools for Portfolio Management that help you to rebalance your assets according to Risk, Profitability, and Safety.

Here is the list of the best trading apps in India for analysis.


About – Investing.com provides the following interesting features such as,

  • Spot Price or LTP (Last Traded Price / Market Price) in Real Time without delay
  • All stocks are available on the Desktop, Phone as well
  • We can Open an International Trading account for investing internationally.
  • Useful for Technical, Fundamental Analysis
  • Merged NEWS with many other sources also provided
  • Stable Charts in Phone App

Website – Homepage | Technical Charts

App – Android | iOS


About – WeBull provides the following interesting features such as,

  • Spot Price or LTP (Last Traded Price / Market Price) in Real Time without delay
  • Price insights – Can catch Stop Loss and Target price of any Stock / Share at which most people are interested at
  • All Indian stocks are available on the Mobile App. But not for the Desktop version.
  • We can Open an International Trading account for investing internationally
  • Useful for Technical, Fundamental Analysis
  • Merged NEWS with many other sources also provided

Hence, it is one of the best trading apps in India

Website – Dashboard | Homepage

App – Android | iOS

ET Money (Economic Times)

About – ET Money is the software product of the Economic Times’ Finance (Money) Section. Though you can not place trading orders directly using this app, you can have a good amount of data to analyze a stock/company for investment.

  • Technical Charts Available
  • Latest NEWS Provided
  • Investment Portfolio

Website – Homepage | Technical Charts

App – Android | iOS


About – TradingView is a very powerful tool for analyzing stock for Technical Analysis. Because it has very advanced functions and indicators which are definitely helpful to advanced trading players.

It also does provide basic information to understand a company’s fundamentals but the whole analysis revolves around technical analysis only. Here are some highlights you need to consider.

  • A powerful tool for Technical Analysis
  • Best Charts Experience
  • The basics of Fundamental Analysis of data also provided
  • Indicators can be created by anyone
  • Useful for Advanced Traders
  • Most features are free of charge
  • Investment ideas, and views are also freely accessible and shared by the other Traders for investment guidance

So, in terms of charting, this one is the best trading app in India

Website – Homepage | Charts

App – Android | iOS :: For the best experience, use the Website.


About – Screener is a very intuitive website that provides you the complete information about fundamental data such as Cash Flow reports, Balance Sheets, Peer Comparisons, and Shareholding Patterns.

By using this data you can easily determine whether the company is financially strong or weak.

Website – Homepage (Mobile & Desktop)

App – Not Available


About – ChartInk has many features such as charts, Fundamental Data. But Chartink is special for filtering stocks as per your requirements. For example, you want to filter only those stocks which are currently showing the “Doji” Pattern in the 1-Day candlestick chart. You do not find any free alternative to Chartink, so this is one of the best trading apps in India for Screening and Filtering options.

Then you can create a number of conditions which finally shows you only those stocks creating “Doji”. Interesting. Right?

Website – Homepage | Screens

App – Not Available


About : IBEF Stands for India Brand Equity Foundation. This foundation was created in order to attract foreign investment in India. Thus it shows detailed data, reports of the Industries. You can analyse each and every industry in detail through IBEF. Also, it provides government policy, changes, amendments, analysis and reports everything in a detailed manner.

Website – Homepage | Industries

App – Not Available

Rediff Money

About : Although Rediff Money has a minimalistic view of the website, it quickly provides useful data for the short term trader.

Including news, it shows the latest gainers / losers in Daily, Weekly and Monthly duration.

Website – Homepage | Gainers / Losers

App – Not Available

IIFL Sector Screener

About : IIFL’s Sector Screener is a very helpful tool for Screening / Analysing all Industry Sectors. You will get a complete list of Industries in India with abstract information with which you can determine the following things of industries.

  1. Number of Stocks / Companies
  2. Market Capital
  3. Dividend Percentage
  4. P/E Ratio (Industry average) :: PE = Price Earning Ratio
  5. BV (Industry Average) :: BV = Book Value
  6. TTM EPS
  7. Volume (Shares)

Alongside Sector valuation, IIFL tool provides you Hot Stocks which are having high volume or relating to a big event.

Website – Sector Summary

App – Not Available


About : “NiftyTrader” provides you all data specially for Derivatives (Futures & Options). You will get Max Pain data of all Stocks and Indices.

Website : Homepage | Nifty Max Pain

You are reading best trading apps in India on arablelife.com


About : Although you are a beginner in Stock Market, you might be well aware about the MoneyControl app. Because this app is pretty popular among all traders. This provides the facility as below.

  • NEWS
  • Screener
  • Charts
  • Free Recommendations (by Boarders)
  • Investment Portfolio

Website – MoneyControl | Live TV (English, Hindi, Gujarati)

App – Android | iOS


About : Bloomberg is the best source for international news. You can easily keep an eye on international news. All the top news will be provided at the right time. This is among the best trading apps in India.

Website – Homepage

App – Android | iOS


About : Alike Bloomberg, Reuters is also the best source for international news. You can easily keep an eye on international news. All the top news will be provided at the right time. This is also among the best trading apps in India

Website – Homepage (Mobile & Desktop)

App – Android | iOS


About : Smallcase is an Intelligent Tool for Portfolio Management. It not only creates a portfolio for you but also places orders with trading accounts too.

Just like a Mutual Fund portfolio, you can create your own customised portfolio tailored for you and also you can simulate past performance of your portfolio to determine its future.

This is a great tool you can use.

Website – Homepage

App – Android | iOS

Google Finance

About : Google Finance provides you real time prices of the Shares/Stocks in all exchanges worldwide. You can easily keep track of all those shares. You can create a watchlist as well as making an investment portfolio. It provides following features such as,

  • Track of Live Stock Market Prices
  • Managing Investment Portfolio

Website – Google Finance Home

App – Not Available

Ask Kuber

About : Ask Kuber is the portfolio management tool for Equity shares only. This will analyse overall risk, portfolio allocation across sectors and give insight information about the portfolio.

This creates a base to decide whether to hold, sell off or rebalance our portfolio.

Website – Homepage

App – Not Available

Opstra by Definedge – Derivatives Trading

About : If you are trading in Derivatives such as Futures and Options of Index, Stock, Commodity or Currency you must be knowing about this tool. With this tool, you not only check a Position’s Payoff but also record that position for FREE.

Website – Homepage | After Login – Option Strategy Builder

App – Not Available

This is one video uploaded on YouTube by Arable Life.

Sensibull – Derivatives Trading

About : Sensibull is also an Algo-Trading Tool specially made for Futures and Options Positions.

Sometimes Derivatives traders need to place multiple orders at the same time. Otherwise option prices move rapidly. Where manually trading becomes tough, hence it is always recommended to use Sensibull to simulate payoff charts, place orders and watch positions as well.

Website : Homepage

App : Not Available

If you know any app which is genuinely best but it is missing in this list then you are free to suggest it to us. Your suggestions are welcomed. After checking its genuinity and usability we will add it in the list of best trading apps in India.

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