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Those who wanted to start investing or having good experience he must keep learning new things and stay updated with the current affairs of the Business world as well as Stock Market.

But it is quite impossible to read each and every news articles in all the newspapers. And mainly many of us have language problem with English, hence we must know what are the best YouTube channel for the Stock Market trading.

The best YouTube channel for Stock Market Trading

So, here I am listing out all the best YouTube channels for stock market trading related videos.

These channels will surely help you out to get a lot of information related to stock market as well as make you aware about the current affairs about the Stock Market and Business world.

As you know I love my audience and subscribers, so I have listed out best channels for Intraday trading as well. This will help you to predict future movements in the stock market.

Just follow each of them and increase the percentage of profitability in trading.

My kind request you to share me your feedback at the comment section below. This really motivates me to bring great content to you.

CNBC Awaaz

This is the Famous TV Channel for Investment and Trading Purpose.

Arable Life

This is the channel for all information about Stock Market. You will become hero from zero.

This YouTube channel is owned by. This website.

Trend Trader Karan

An independent Professional trader. His channel was started with the aim to educate new traders and make trading easy for them.


Teaches Stock Market from basics till advance.

CA Abhishek Zaware

CA Abhishek Zaware is Pune Based CA Coaching Classes Faculty educating many CA aspirants.

He is very much popular among CA students by his stock market knowledge.

Elearn Markets

This channe is among the top and best YouTube channel for Stock Market Trading. You must visit and subscribe this channel.

Sunil Miglani

Do not go with the physical personality of Mr. Sunil Miglani. Because though he is having some fat but he is very sharp with the stock market knowledge. He tells you about the stock market basics, human psychology on trading, also helps you in Q&A of the Stock Market queries.


This is one of my favourite channel for Stock Market. This priorly I prefer to learn and understand the concepts about technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis. And this channel also shares tough concepts such as Brexit, etc very easily. You should watch some videos in this channel to understand the quality of this channel. Edward from Edward Ji YT channel gives very helpful knowledge to you.

Asset Yogi (Mukul Malik)

This channel is best to understand in-depth knowledge about various topics in the stock market and financial markets. If you don’t know anything about Mutual Funds, Derivatives, etc. Just come to Asset Yogi channel and watch the playlist and understand the concept from beginning to become the expert in that topic.

Manoj Kumar Jain

Firstly, when I watched this channel’s person, I thought someone joker is there. But first impression be anything. But when I started watching his videos seriously to say. I was thinking wrong. Because by profession, Mr. Manoj Kumar Jain is a Chartered Accountant and have in-depth knowledge about the stock market. So, this is the reason his channel is listed in this website.

Yadnya Investment Academy

This is also one of the best YouTube channel for stock market.


Teaches about Trading Indicators and Signals

Trading Chanakya

Technical analysis for Begineers and Advance Level Traders

Ghanshyam Tech

Provides daily trading range for Nifty and Bank Nifty and teaches Technical Analysis

Pravin Khetan

Learn Stock Market in a crystal Clear method and in a correct pace for beginners

CA Nagendra Sah

A Chartered Accountant qualified in June, 2009 with highest Marks in Strategic Financial Management (SFM). Which is the most reliable subject for Stock Market Strategies.

Gomathi Shankar

Gomathi Shankar is a Certified technical and research analyst. Talks mostly about CPR Indicator

Nitin Bhatia

Most friendly and helpful person for Stock Market Traders. He speaks in a very friendly manner and with full of information


Mr. Mohd Faiz is a very decent person who teach any hard concept in a very lucid manner that any beginner can easily understand.

Kailash Chaturvedi

This person seems to be very much rude on YouTube with the audiance but seems to be knowledgeable.

If you are ignoring his negative points then you can observe his good knowledge about Stock Market.

Assets Creation

This channel is most helpful in Fundamental Analysis of the Stock Market listed companies.

Coffee with Share Guru

This channel will be helpful for your market updates.

Check out the channel with the YouTube link below.

Vachana Investments

Vachana Investments is a Stock Market Broking Firm encorporated by CA Rudramurthy. A well known personality in the world of Trading and Investments.

Magical Trade With Ashish

Shares his extensive research about Stock Market strategies. You can definitely get help of him.

His Contact number given on his YouTube channel is 9891396734

Power of Stocks

Shares his extensive research for Intraday Trading specially for tomorrow’s stock every day.

His Name is Subhash. You can watch out his channel by clicking out this button aside (PC) / down (on Phone)

The Option School

You will get to know in depth knowledge about options trading. From the various professionals and experts in Options trading.

All those professionals have learned from Various major universities like IIM, etc.

CA Rachana Phadke Ranade

Rachana Phadke Ranade is a Chartered Accountant by Profession, Teacher by Passion. And now popular over YouTube. She talks about Stock Market from Basic to Advanced

Pankaj Kamra

Pankaj Kamra is a very good knowledgeable in the stock market. Must visit the channel.

Other preferable channels

As of now these channels are added, if you know more helpful channels then you can comment here or email us at [email protected]