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The correlation between success and life is very deep and meaningful.

When we do study deep about Spirituality, Mythology and Science we get to know what is the actual meaning of success in life.

If you are awake you are blessed, Life is a priceless gift, appreciate every minute of it.

Success and Life

Life is a gift, Do not waste it!

Approximately 100 trillion cells that make up your body today came from the division of one single cell. At least 40 million sperms are set free with each ejaculation, but only a few hundred will get close to the egg. Overcoming all the obstacles in the way.

If there is an egg in the tube, the first sperm cell out of 40 million that will reach the egg will fertilize the egg. Once one sperm cell that entered the egg, the membrane of the egg is no longer permeable for other sperm cells. The fertilized egg will move through the tube and settle in the womb for further development into a baby.

Conception to Birth is the ultimate success.

Life does not begin with birth. When born, we were already nine months old, if we consider the time spent in the mother’s womb. Now we have to learn how to live smart and enjoy the beautiful life. Thank God for creating such a sophisticated social animal on earth.

Success and Life - Arable Life
  • From the moment of conception, 46 chromosomes with 30,000 genes combine to determine all your physical characteristics that is Gender, facial features, body type, color of hair, eyes and skin.
  • Even more amazingly, intelligence and personality, the way you think and feel were already in place within your generic code. At the moment of conception, you were essentially and uniquely you.
  • Each individual has a very neat beginning, at conception.
  • By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception.

If you feel sad, or you think that you have a very boring life and you can not become a successful person then just think that from where you came from. What is your origin.

Success and Life - Arable Life

You became successful by competing with those 100 trillion sperm cells. And your current competition is definitely not more than 100 problems.

So cheer up and stay motivated from small things. Because small things are the one which make you successful.

Take care of small things, people and one day you feel you became a big personality.

Stay Blessed…

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