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Many of us think that household tasks or duties are worthless. Doing those ruin our precious time.

But you are wrong. Actually it is the most important tasks which helps us to boost our productivity.

What are the chores?

Do you wonder what is chores?

Chores are just routine tasks. Such as household duties. Those duties which are mandatory to complete and those can be done and managed by anyone.

Those duties (in our words Chores) are as follows,

  1. Kitchen tasks such as Cooking, Setting up table, Cleaning Utensils, keeping kitchen room hygienic and shining
  2. Washing Laundry and iron press
  3. Make up our bed after waking up
  4. Sweep the flour, take out the garbage with segregation, or cleaning up toilet and wash-basin
  5. Timely re fill pantry & Gas cylinder
  6. Maintaining needy consumables in addition like soap, shampoo and Stationary
  7. Timely payment of Bills, Insurance Premium and Loan repayment

You may wonder that “How these common tasks help me professionally?”

These task sounds boring but these not only helps us to become successful in professional life but also they keep us motivated and encouraging by our friends and family. Here is how it can.

How chores boost our productivity?

When we do all household chores by our-self we see a very decent positive number in our savings account.

Note : These tips are applicable for all those who stays major hours outside the home or live inside. Though you are a CEO or a Peon these are some tasks that one should not avoid.

Saves Money

When we do all household chores by our self, then we save a huge amount of money by not hiring a housemaid.

Active Lifestyle

We can avail an active lifestyle by moving our body in mandatory chores. This never keeps us boring.

Manage Our-self

We can manage our-self with respect to time, money and resources

More Proactive

We become more proactive as we have the habit to do personal work on a daily basis.

We feel so independent.


We can forecast our future needs by keeping a healthy cash-flow and never run out of money.

More Cautious

Become more cautious about being out of stock. So we can fill pantry on time and prepared for unexpected events

When to hire a maid?

Though all tasks should be done by everyone but sometimes it is not possible to accomplish it by our own.

Here are some exceptions you can consider hiring a maid.

Family Function

If there is a family function in your home and you will be too busy welcoming guests and it is not possible to manage all household chores.

Physically Unfit

Life is a journey, many times you get caught in a condition where you will become weak or unfit physically and you have to take rest and care about your health.

Then it is completely worthwhile if you hire a maid to do such household works which are hard to do for a physically unfit person.

There are several conditions for being physically unfit. Those are

  1. Caught in an accident and unfortunately bone got fractured and you need some time to recover.
  2. If you got pregnancy delivery, you and your family is full happy but can not have enough strengths to handle all household chores.
  3. You are a Senior Citizen and by age you have very less energy and speed and none in your family is available nearby due to their busy schedule.

High Work Load

Recently you have appointed for a project where you have to work about 15 to 18 hours each day to accomplish that project successfully.

Of course, you need to be more focused and requires no distractions of doing household chores.

Then it is good to stay focused by minimizing home stress.

Boost our Productivity - Arable Life
Household Chores boost our Productivity – Arable Life

How much to Outsource?

All the above reasons we have discussed are totally valid and worthwhile for hiring a maid.

But do you seriously think that all the household chores can be outsourced to them?

One question arises against this while hiring a maid. That is,

How much to outsource? Or how much work to do by our own and how much work is accomplished by house-maid?

Miscellaneous tasks such as,

  • Cleaning up utensils
  • Washing laundry
  • Cooking meals
  • Sweeping floor
  • Filling pantry
  • Etc.

But handing over all works including money and transactions is not good.

Whenever there is the need to do any money transaction such as bill payments, purchasing any products and/or household regular fruits and vegetables, you should take responsibility to do such.

If it is not possible to do by your own then handover to your family member or any other trustworthy people but try avoiding house-maid workers.

It carries high risk of theft or otherwise you will be deceived by them without knowing you.

How to do them efficiently?

We have to become more pro-active for completing all household chores quickly.

Here are some tips which really help you to complete all chores quickly.

  1. Always use a calendar reminder for payments and bills.
  2. Use automated payment systems if possible but always check billings and its recent changes
  3. Have a periodic checkup of Pantry and fill it in time.
  4. Protect all assets with responsibility
  5. Balance your professional and personal life by not integrating in one another.
  6. Set higher priority to healthy lifestyle
  7. Borrow and Eat regional and seasonal fruits everyday
Healthy Eating, boost our productivity - Arable Life
Eat Regional and Seasonal Fruits everyday – Arable Life

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