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Every one of us have some special talent or a skill which is unbeatable in all kinds.

Talent or skill means anything which any work that can give us pleasure doing it.

It can be anything like clicking outstanding photographs, sketching portrait paintings, writing a story, it even includes searching on google too.

You might be wondering how searching on google can become a special talent. But it is.

And if I told you that each of this talent will make you earn by helping others then will you be happy?

Of course. Who doesn’t want money, Right?

In this article we are going to introduce you a new source of income that is called Freelancing. Which have hybrid characteristics of Job as well as Business. It is very exciting field that can be done without having any risk and salaried job OTG (On-The-Go). Let’s take thorough knowledge of it.

After reading the whole steps and disciple of Freelancing in this article you will never be fail in it.

We are damn lucky that we live in a world filled with full of opportunities.

If you look into 90s or earlier there were very less income earning opportunities with people. They even not getting accurate source of knowledge.

But today we can explore anything in the world with just finger taps over the screen or even Artificial Intelligence can listen us and answer everything we want.

If we are talking about the Income Opportunities, then there are various new industries have introduced such as,

  1. Blogging (Web Logging) on website like Arable Life
    • Advertisement Revenue
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Brand Promotions
    • Selling Crafts and Handmade articles
    • Rendering online services
    • Improving business community
    • Creating Personal Brand for books promotion
    • Fees from Mentorship and Teaching online courses
  2. Uploading videos over YouTube
    • Advertisement revenue on Videos
    • Promotional videos of various brands
    • Collaboration income with other “YouTube”rs
    • Affiliate Marketing in the Video Description
  3. Earning by selling Photos on Online stores
    • Selling Clicked Photos or Illustrations online
  4. Publishing Books on Amazon Kindle
    • As we can read books on Kindle, we can publish our book there as well. Here we can write our knowledge, thoughts and experiences in book format and publish it to Amazon Kindle with minimal publishing cost and earn huge with it.
    • We have no hassle for printing, publishing and selling those to our readers. Its all done by Amazon. We just need our bank account ready to withdraw this money.

There are many new income opportunities have come near us due to new technology. Where we can work as an online entrepreneur.

But when we do such task there are different auxiliary works are introduced.

Those auxiliary jobs helps to solve small or big issues to run these online businesses successfully.

If one person wants to start his own website for blogging or business then he must need to have a website and for that he requires a good website developer.

When other person become a good YouTube celebrity, then he finds hard time to edit those recorded videos. And to upload quality content over YouTube like platform he needs someone who can manage his video editing jobs.

But critical problem arrives when he want to find the skilled person who don’t demand any profit sharing and does the job on time. And with deserving amount of job.

YouTuber, blogger or any online entrepreneur try to find someone who works at his time and requirements. So that he has no burden of salaried of the employed person.

So, the right answer to this critical question is Freelancing

What is Freelancing?

Freelancing - Arable Life

Freelancing is very different source of income which is the mixture of Job Business as well.

In freelancing a person who gives his individual service to any other person or organization with his skills. Freelancer gets paid for the job he did with 0 investment. For that he no need to join anywhere in the company. He can do his job by taking short term or long term projects and do the same anywhere in the world OTG (On-The-Go) basis. So he will be a free bird.

From the perspective of a paying agent, he will be happy because he is getting a better person who is skilled and enthusiastic in his job and no need to pay monthly salary for only single work. Which helps him to cutting cost and gets job done on time.

So, this will be the win-win situation for both. Looks interesting right? Now understand all different characteristics of Freelancing. Those are as below.

  • No need to go office 9 to 5
  • Earn money whatever you wish, whenever you want
  • You have freedom to do work whenever you wish
  • You will charge customers by your terms as you are a businessman.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world
  • You have no need to get a formal certification
  • If you are a student or hoursewife you can easily cover your expenses you want by maintaining your studies or home chores

Now, there are many people around us who are engaged in freelancing. But it is yet to spread across as many people are unaware of it.

Still, majority of population think stereotypical towards Job, Business and Entrepreneurship.

For Job

People think that when a person is joined in any Government, Non Government Organization or a Private Corporate Body on a salaried basis that the person is stepping out of his home at 9 AM and comes back at 5 PM is called a job.

For Business

Alike salaried Job, stereotypical business is called when owner is opening and closing their shop in their desired time of their business.

But today’s world is changing across every segment.

There are new inventions, new strategies are being introduced to look the traditional thing from a different perspective. Freelancing is one of them.

Though freelancing has dual characteristics of Job and Business, it does not possess all of it.

So, it is worthy to understand the difference between Job and Business with freelancing. That gives us clear understanding of each characteristic.

Distinguish between Job and Freelancing


  1. In job you are required to go to office daily
  2. In job there is fixed hours of work
  3. No need to give interview always
  4. Fixed salary every month
  5. Meeting same people daily (excluding marketing, etc)
  6. Have a proper designation people understand
  7. Need to have grant permission for leave to go to tour or other emergency work

Freelancing (vs Job)

  1. You have freedom to take leaves when you haven’t joined to any project
  2. In freelancing, you have flexible hours of work
  3. Each time when you bid you need to give your small introduction which convince buyer to get you that project
  4. There is no fixed salary type earning. As it is a project oriented work, it is variable
  5. There is possibility to meet people online but you will interact with so many people.
  6. Most people are unaware about freelancing. So it is hard to explain what exactly is our designation
  7. You are free to have holidays whenever you want. No need to ask anyone for approval

Distinguish between Business and Freelancing


  1. Have a single platform to run for business we own
  2. Having some assets and liabilities
  3. Can convert into passive income (We can exit our self but profit doesn’t stop)
  4. Compounding effect can be experienced

Freelancing (vs Business)

  1. No specific single platform of our own.
  2. No assets and liabilities
  3. No passive income (We have to work actively like an employee to make money)
  4. Can’t experience a compounding effect because freelancing is not automated

Can you be a freelancer?

Yes. 100% You can be a successful freelancer. It is not a very easy task to become successful freelancer. But it is not impossible. You just have to understand it clearly and work with perfection.

I have listed out some points to clear if you want to become successful.

  • You have to work for 1 to 2 months with full patience
  • Not expecting much at initial stage is very good to get more projects
  • On online freelancing platforms you must focus on the ratings of the clients you engage after completion of the project
  • You have to choose those projects which you can do with perfection
  • Meet other freelancers to know more
  • Always learn new skills and excel in existing
  • Keep always checking for the available projects
  • Help others by sharing projects of their skill
  • Don’t charging a very less amount to do work which become threat to other people too.
  • Never try to cheat anyone by misguiding or showing wrong information

Can you go freelancing for living?

Yes. Surely. Once you started growing in your niche and satisfying your clients with your work then you will get more and more projects as you will become a most credible person in it. In some cases you can’t earn money from blogging then this experience will surely help you out in other source of income like Job or business.

When you go freelancing you will learn how to communicate with people, good mannerism, Business Skills, working in time, keeping discipline, being loyal and genuine with our customers and importantly technical skills.

By bad luck or whatever you may say but you fail to earn enough from freelancing then you can easily impress your recruiter (Job) and catch high salaried job or if you are planning to start a business with loan then your financier will easily sanction a loan by analyzing your technical and managerial skills.

Who can go freelancing?

Answer : ANYONE HAVING SKILL. I have written this in upper case as it is totally true that you can work as a freelancer whether or not you have certification. Some work with specialised talent may require certification but otherwise none will ask you for certification. But you also know that having a certification will always boost your confidence and makes positive impact over clients.

How Freelancing works?

There are mainly two types of freelancers those are Online and Offline Freelancers.


In many big cities there are some dealers available who joins companies and freelancers to accomplish the particular tasks.

They just take down various profiles of the freelancers with them and notify them over SMS or call for available projects they have.

After completing that project they will submit to the dealer and after verification of the work by the outsourcing company the amount gets processed through dealer. And while transferring the amount to the freelancer dealer charge his commission before transfer.

Offline Platforms

Commonly offline freelance dealers are available locally. You just have to find these services locally. But there are some hybrid (online and offline) dealers available such as follows which can suit for your requirements.

  1. UrbanClap – For many indoor jobs such as carpenters, etc.
  2. Ola/Uber – For those having Driving Skill

Offline freelancer works best for the projects like home decor, cloth stitching, special event gigs like DJ in a party, etc


Online freelancing platforms such as websites or software platform which is an online dealer aggregate the both freelancers and the project poster.

The main benefit is that you will get many projects worldwide and at a very low cost of brokerage. Sometime free also.

Online Platforms

These online platforms are the websites on which you have to open account there. Check available projects with your requirements and join with them to work. Here is the list of popular online freelancing platforms one can choose.

  1. Freelancer (Popular)
  2. Fiverr (Popular)
  3. Truelancer (Popular)
  4. Upwork (Popular)
  5. Design Crowd
  6. Crew
  7. iFreelance
  8. Sama School
  9. Part Net Pro
  10. Taskitoo
  11. PeoplePerHour
  12. TechMoneyMama
  13. Vulpith
  14. Work-N-Hire
  15. FreelanceMyWay
  16. Flitlance
  17. Guru
  18. AirTasker (Currently Available only in Australia, Ireland and United Kingdom)

Online freelancing works best for data entry, software or website design and developments etc works which has no barrier of location.

One Suggestion

Becoming successful in Freelancing job is really a tedious work. You will find failure many times until you become expert.

Please don’t be emotional while you do your job. Understand what your buyer is demanding and try to satisfy with his demands by your hard efforts.

Freelancing will take about 1 month to 6 months to get perfection in it.

So have patience. You will be definitely successful one day.

If you find this article interesting, then please share this with all those who desperately need this valuable information about freelancing to improve their talents and skills and get monetary benefit from their Passion apart from their Business and Profession. Let’s have a helping hand.

Thank You!