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Develop your OWN Day Trading Strategies

Intraday trading is the most lucrative and speedy option to make income from the stock market.

But it becomes very tough to pull money from the market. Because if we are not making money then we must lose our hard-earned money.

That’s why everyone is searching for the best Day trading strategies over google to improve their trading way and experience.

In this article, you are going to learn full information about Day Trading Strategies and developing those for your personal use.

Let’s begin.

Day Trading Strategies

There are tremendous methods and strategies of Intraday trading in the market out there.

But unfortunately, no single strategy will pay you profit always consistently.

Because Market Situation never becomes the same and predictable always.

So, before using any strategy we have to decide whether we have to trade or not.

If the market is not good then there is no way of using any strategy.

Intraday Trading Strategies, Good Financial Planning - Arable Life

Various Day Trading Strategies

Strategies can be simple or complex.

If you want more accuracy then, of course, you need to build more complex strategies but the problem with the complex strategies is that it gives very very less trading opportunities.

Though the market is clear to buy or sell, just due to your complex strategies you don’t find any signal to trade.

While in simple Strategies, fewer and minimal indicators are in use which gives much more trading opportunities in a day period.

So, at the end of the day, you can make good cumulative profits.

But the simple strategy has some risk of losses.

There are some popular Day trading strategies which surely help you to earn without making much effort. Those are given below.

  • Price Breakout Strategy
  • Volume Breakout Strategy
  • Trend reversal Strategy
  • Delta Hedging Strategy
  • Hedged Futures Strategy
  • SuperTrend Trading Strategy
  • Resistence Breakout Strategy
  • News Based Trading Strategy
  • Moving Average Crossover Strategy
  • Ichimoku Cloud Trading Strategy

But if you want to think out of the box and you conceive any idea about the market then you can go ahead and develop your own Strategies

How to develop own Intraday Trading Strategy

Everyone has different intelligence, different perception, different analytical ability.

So, if you want to think differently, new which may change the complete trading methodology and has huge potential of profits then you can surely go for researching and developing own trading strategies.

Because in reality there are very few people are in the stock market who actually learn and research before trading.

If you are doing then believe me, you will be the future star of the stock market industry.


Follow these steps to develop your own trading strategies.

Step 1

Visit ChartInk and Click on the Create Scan. Do as shown in the screenshots below.

Intraday Trading Strategies - Arable Life

Step 2

After reaching over the Create Scan (Screener) Page you have to click on the filter icon above the Run Scan Button

Intraday Trading Strategies - Arable Life

Step 3

After clicking on the “Filter” icon button you will prompt to enter different conditions as per your analysis and requirements.

Now go to the Next Step

Step 4

Once completed entering all the conditions and rules you have to save your scanner by clicking on “Save Scan” button as shown in the following screenshot.

Intraday Trading Strategies - Arable Life

Step 5

Once you save your scanner you will get all those stocks that filter in your scanner.

This scanner features all technical indicators as well as fundamental data which can be present in a numeric form such as Dividend, Capital, PE Ratio, PV Ratio, Sales with different times.

Once you save strategies you can use them later for future filtering of the stocks.


In this way, you can easily build Day Trading Strategies for yourself.

But never forget the following rule.

Sharing is Caring

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