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Getting the best Trading Terminal is the crucial point of today. Though business is the earliest and important invention in the whole mankind but the stock market is not much earlier.

Its got developments as the technology rises. Many people have been contributed for innovation in this field and still doing.

Earlier people used to trade on Pit, later people are trading over the phone and now very few people are using phone for placing trading orders in case of emergency or in absense of Trading Terminal.

In this article we are going to take the deep overview of the best Trading Terminal for Indian Stock Market.

What is Trading Terminal?

Trading terminal is an interface (desktop based/web based) which allows us to place trading (buy/sell) orders in the Stock Market. Most trading terminals allow us to trade in Equity, Commodities, ForEx (Foreign Exchange), etc. from the very same software (like Upstox).
In phone based trading we can put trading orders by over the call who in turn puts orders for us. The only main difference is that placing orders via trading terminal is faster and cheaper than calling. We can trade even unlimited orders at the same time.

Upstox provide this facility on specialised softwares called NEST and FoxTrader (Premium).

Which is the Best Trading Terminal?

Finding the best Trading terminal is not an easy task. Because if you find the good terminal then you charged more by the Brokers and if you are looking for cost effective then you will get shit on the name of Terminal which is worst enough to trade.

So, we recommend a best trading terminal for you to trade in the market.


Reasons for Choosing Upstox as a Trading Terminal


If you need minimum 10 seconds to place one order on your terminal then you are at a high risk of losing money. Because every second counts here in the market.

If you are a Intraday Trader and using a slow platform then you can’t make good money in the long run.

Choosing best Trading Software is very crucial task that very few people understand.

By using Upstox Trading Terminal you can place your trades by watching towards charts, by chatting with friends and having lunch in the office.

You can place orders as quickly as you take a last sip of tea.


Sometimes we may have issues or doubts with funds transfer or Enabling or Disabling any Trading Segment or referring a friend to Upstox Terminal for extra benefits then we need someone who will guide us on every step we do.

Upstox Support team is always ready to help us. Even on saturday too.

If you have any doubt or clarity on any topic then they have a educated staff in their office who clear our doubts by in a very less time.

They never disturbs us in our time. Their staff is very polite, responsive and Supportive in our Trading life.


Firstly answer yourself that why you play games?

The answer might be anything but it gives us the immense pleasure and get some feeling of enthusiastic, exciting and makes us happy.

So, why we should trade like a boring thing. It also should be as exciting and pleasureful as games do.

Upstox is one of them which gives the feeling of Excitement and when we make profit then we get the feeling exact to the feeling of killing any enemy in a Game.


Upstox have many components such as,

Trading Segments

  1. NSE – National Stock Exchange’s All Products
  2. BSE – Bombay Stock Exchange’s all Products
  3. MCX – Multi Commodity Exchange’s all Scripts
  4. CDS/ForEx – Currency Derivatives or Foreign Exchange
  5. F&O – Futures and Options
  6. MF – All Mutual Funds at one Place Itself

Order Types

There are all Order types available in Upstox Trading Terminal. Those types are as follows.

  • Simple
  • CO (Cover Order)
  • OCO/BO (One Cancels Other or Bracket Order)
  • AMO (After Market Order)
  • All Limit and SL (Stop Loss) order

The detailed information about Order Types is given below.

Upstox Order Types


Today people have a very fast life that increases mobility. So, in this scenario sticking to the desktop trading terminal becomes irrelevant and impractical.

We want to do trading over any platform we have such as Mobile, Tablet and Computer (Laptop or Desktop).

But the highest priority should be the mobile phone itself as it becomes the integral part of our life.

Upstox Provides us the Best Terminal as Mobile Based application.

It is available for Android as well as iOS to Install.

But if you have tablet or Computer then you also have a web application platform to trade.

That means you don’t need to install application for Computer or Tablet (Which have big screen size).

No matter you have Linux, Windows or MacBook Pro/Air you have handy terminal for all Operating Systems.

Definitely windows can enjoy features of NEST and FoxTrader but it is used for High Frequency Trades only.

Normal Trading can be done with Web Platform with ease.

Other Exciting Features

I think to write all the features of Upstox is not enough to write in this blog only.

So, I will be writing another new blog on explaining all features of Upstox in detail.

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