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There are very few websites are there which tells about best intraday trading app in the Indian Share Market Context.

In this article you will get apps not only for intraday trading but also for delivery based and long term holdings too.

Every trader has one primary objective while entering into the Stock Market is to earn and grow money and their capital.

There are various different styles of Trading used by different traders.

Some love to trade daily by doing intraday trading, some prefers to trade simply in Short Term delivery trades. While some traders like take higher managed risks by trading in Futures and Options.

But among all these styles Intraday Trading is most popular. But most of them are not aware about following things such as,

  1. How to trade in Intraday?
  2. Which stocks to choose in Intraday Trading?
  3. How much Stop loss should maintain.
  4. Etc.

But, until you read this article completely you will get all the information about it.

Simply, if you are really going to earn money then you will read most useful articles like this.

In this article you are going to learn about, which is the best intraday trading app and in bonus best strategy for intraday trading too.

If you search about best intraday trading app then you hardly search for Indian Markets.

You must be happy knowing this.

Which is the best intraday trading app?

If you are a new trader you must know about the services which provides special features to help an Intraday Trader.

Here are the list given below all those services.

Honestly speaking, there is no single app which helps intraday trader to analyze stocks and trade in intraday and definitely makes a profit.

There are different applications and as well as websites which work excellent in intraday trading if you are used it in combination with one another.

You should use those apps in combination with one another.

Apps and Websites

Let us start with services having Apps and/or Websites.

Moneycontrol is a very popular app as well as website among traders and investors.

CNBC Awaaz and Moneycontrol both are owned by E-EIGHTEEN Dot Com Pvt. Ltd. and the holding company of this is Reliance Ltd.

This website is used to get latest news and recommendations about various stocks.

One fantastic feature it includes is that, it has Moneycontrol Forum which is used by all the traders and investors to discuss on a particular stock.

It also has application interface for all mobile devices such as, Android, iPhone and iPad as well.

Upstox is a Lowest Brokerage Discounted Trading Platform. It has different features such as,

  1. 0% Brokerage on Delivery Trades
  2. Industry lowest Brokerage on Trading (0.01% or Rs. 20 whichever is lower) and Flat Rs. 20 on Futures and Options Segment
  3. 3 in 1 Account (Now no need to wait for withdrawals after T+2 settlement)
  4. Margin Against Shares/Pledge/Colleteral
  5. Various Order Types
    • Simple – Market, Limit, SL LMT, SL MKT
    • CO – Cover Order – Limit, SL LMT
    • OCO – One-Cancels-Other (Bracket Order) – Limit, SL LMT
    • AMO – After Market Order
  6. High Leverage
    • 20 Times Leverage on CO and OCO Order Types (Free)
    • 15 Times Leverage on Simple Intraday Orders
    • Delivery Margin Facility – Delivery shares at 50% amount in cash (Chargeable) is very useful to analyze companies in the world fundamentals and Technical data as well as country’s economy.

It has the application platform available for Android, iPhone and iPad as well.

IIFL app equips you with every feature that gets you complete money control over your investments
Stock trading through smartphones is now a reality. Convert your phone into the new generation trading platform with IIFL MARKETS app. Freedom to trade in NSE, BSE, MCX and NCDEX on the move. Download our Stock market app now and never again miss a chance to make money.

IIFL Markets will help you for getting Stock Market Trading Tips for Short Term like weekly and Monthly.

Many of them are given by doing good research. But trade should be done at trader’s own risk. IIFL is not responsible for any losses incurred to a Trader.

StockEdge is the ONLY mobile-based app in India, which is 100% focused on research and analytics. It empowers the users to do self research by providing all necessary tools which are relevant for doing FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH, TECHNICAL RESEARCH, DERIVATIVES RESEARCH in very SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND framework.

StockEdge is India’s best and the fastest growing Equity markets analytics and research App, primarily based on NSE and BSE data. It helps the Indian Stock market Traders and Investors take better decisions by providing them with awesome end-of-day analytics, visualizations and alerts on the mobile platform in a highly customizable and adaptive form to suit individual needs. It also helps the young population to learn about various facets of equity markets through Learn section and at the same time analyze the market data in the best possible manner.

StockEdge is part of the vision of making Indian retail aware about the opportunities available for creating wealth in Indian Equity Market. We do not promote intraday trading, thus we would like the traders/ investors to look at end of the day analytics for sustainable price movement in a stock.

TradingView is an advanced financial visualization platform with the ease of use of a modern website. Whether you are looking at basic price charts or plotting complex spread symbols with overlayed strategy backtesting, we have the tools and data you need.

TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors. Talk to millions of traders from all the world, discuss trading ideas and place live orders. Enjoy an unparalleled experience even from iPads or other devices, previously possible only with high end trading stations.

Trading View Features

Best HTML5 Charts

TradingView is intuitive for beginners and powerful for advanced investors. Whether to simply look up the latest stock price, or analyze price patterns with scripts – we’ve got you covered.

Server Side Alerts

TradingView alerts are immediate notifications when the market meet your custom criteria – i.e. “Alert me if Apple drops below $400, or goes outside the Bollinger Bands channel”. You get visual popups, audio signals, text messages (sms) and email alerts right to your phone. There are 12 different alert conditions which can be applied on indicators or drawing tools. All your alerts run on powerful and backed-up servers, so you’ll always get notified when something happens and won’t miss a beat.

Stock Screener

A stock screener is a great search tool for investors and traders to filter stocks based on metrics that you specify. For example, to find the cheapest companies that make the most money – filter for Lowest P/E ratio, and the screener will show you!

Customized Technical Analysis

TradingView comes with over a hundred pre-built studies for an in-depth market analysis, covering the most popular trading concepts and indicators. But we realized that even this isn’t enough for all our users, and we built the Pine programming language. Pine script allows you to create and share your own custom studies and signals. A key advantage of Pine script is that any study’s code can easily be modified. Nearly any custom indicator can also be created from scratch.

Strategy for Intraday Trading

Now the time comes to get the free bonus tips which is going to help you for your whole intraday trading career.

That is, Strategy for Intraday Trading. This trading is worked for many of the successful traders. Once understood you will also become a successful trader in the market.

Let’s start the strategy. The name of the trading strategy is

intraday trading app - Arable Life

Strategy – Range Breakout

Trade Setup

The Strategy is used in Intraday when the stock is about to break its previous high or low in the current or previous trading session.

The psychology behind the Trade is that, when the price is breaking its previous high or low then it will create more movement towards the same direction when it is about to break it.

Many successful intraday traders get profits by using this strategy.

Honestly speaking no strategy is meant for 100% success rate. But this is the very useful that have more than 60% of the success rate.

This is the well tested strategy on various stocks.

But it has some rules and disciplines to be followed to see the good results. If you want to see the real money into your trading account then you must follow these rules and disciplines. Those steps, rules and disciplines are given as below,

Step 1

[At 9:45 AM] Open this link (Indices Page of NSE India) and focus on Nifty’s % Change and changes in all sectoral Indices.

Step 2

When Nifty is Green (Positive) and major indices are in Green then check which Sector is having highest % Change OR when Nifty is Red (Negative) and major indices are in Red then check that which Sector is having lowest % Change AND click on that sector

But If Nifty is Positive but major indices are negative or vice versa then it will be better to stay away from the market.

Step 3

Choose those top gaining stock in that sector while buying but remember that its % change should not be more than +2%. OR You should choose those top losing stock in that sector while selling but remember that its % change should not be more than -2%

Step 4
  1. Open your trading Terminal
  2. Select Stock to trade
  3. Add Stock into watch list
Step 5

While buying, Check highest price among current and previous session of the stock and while selling lowest price among them, Then place SL-LMT order above the highest price while buying and below the lowest price while selling. Wait until order get executed. Once executed, decide your stoploss and target. Once any of them gets triggered then quickly Exit from the position.

  1. Do not enter into trade before 9:45 AM because, we are allowing market to create High/Low after which we are going to place orders
  2. Remember that Ratio between Stop loss to Target should be 1:2
  3. Don’t decide its profitability just by trading once or twice.
  4. If you really want to trade effectively you should trade for at least 20 days consistently. That means whole month.
  5. Then only you can understand its profitability.

There are more to say about this Strategy

intraday trading app - Arable Life

Only strategy doesn’t make you profitable for sure. Because strategies are made to minimize your losses.

It need perfect money and Trade management, Good Support by a Trader Friend and a perfect Trading Terminal.

I have a great deal for you that gives you all these three things for free.

  1. Money Management and Trade Management will be posted soon in the later posts
  2. If you need a perfect trading terminal then Open A new Trading Account in Upstox using our referral link to get various benefits like Cover and Bracket Order to help trading in the above strategy.
  3. Once you open an Upstox Account using above referral link then simply send an email to us at [email protected] within 5 days of account opening
  4. We will add you to a Telegram Group and Channel in which you can get useful knowledge about market like Important News, Concepts, Tips and also you can directly ask your queries. Those are fully for educational purpose only.
  5. This will help you to grow your trading knowledge as well as capital.


The Article is written by the author on the basis of his personal Knowledge and Experience. Author has given all the information solely for the purpose of Education. No Trading Tips are provided. Author, Arable Life or any other company is not entitled for any losses incurred by the Trader after reading this article. Trading risk by using these strategy is fully in the hands of Trader itself.

Thanks for Reading the Full article.

All the best and Happy Trading.